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Micro Bikini Collections | Micro Mania: A Dive into 10+ Collections That Defined Us: Remember 2019? The year Oh Lola Swimwear, emerged from the seductive-beachy depths with only one a mission: to make Micro Bikinis more than just a fleeting trend, but a way of life. ☀️

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Summer Land Collection

Summer Land Micro Bikini Collection | Let’s Dive into Summer with radiance and confidence! Get ready to make a provocative splash this season. SHOP COLLECTION

Summer Land Micro Bikini Collection By Oh Lola Swimwear
The Heat is on and you must be ready to turn heads!

Sheer Visions Collection

Sheer Visions Micro Bikini Collection | Let’s Celebrate Life by showing off more skin and stealing all the looks. Warning: Mostly Sheer Bikinis. SHOP COLLECTION

Sheer Visions Micro Bikini Collection by Oh Lola Swimwear
Mostly Sheers and Sparkling Surprises ahead!

Hot Summer Collection

The Hot Summer Collection arrives, a scorching symphony of neon vibrancy, fierce flames, and whisper-thin elegance, ready to ignite your beach days and set your confidence ablaze.

Hot Summer Micro Bikinis Collection by OH LOLA SWIMWEAR_
Come and see the whole collection!

Fast forward to today, and we’re still riding that wave (pun intended!), having launched over 10 sizzling collections that have redefined the Seductive Beachwear Scene and brought out the inner beach goddess in countless babes like you.

Delicious Sins Micro Bikinis Collection

This micro bikini collection isn’t just swimwear; it’s a seductive whisper, a forbidden fruit waiting to be plucked. It’s an invitation to embrace the neon glow of temptation, the intoxicating allure of the unknown, and the seductive elegance of peacock feathers.

Delicious Sins Micro Bikini Collection by Oh Lola Swimwear Banner
To ignite your inner siren and unlock the hidden desires of summer

Sugar Land Collection

Dive into Candyland: Embrace the Sweet Dreams of Sugar Land. Get ready to indulge yourself in a sugar rush of sunshine.

Sugar Land Collection by Oh Lola Swimwear Main
A passport to a land of pure sweetness delight

Tropical Desires Collection

This micro bikini collection is your passport to paradise, a curated selection of swimwear that captures the essence of tropical dreams and ignites your wanderlust.

Tropical Desires Micro Bikinis Collection by Oh Lola Swimwear
Dive into Paradise: Explore Your most intimate Tropic Desires

Let’s Go Party Micro Bikini Collections

This collection brings explosions of vibrant energy, bold colors, and playful design, ready to turn you into the center of attraction on every poolside cocktail’s party, late-night beach bonfires and everything in between.

Let's Go Party Micro Bikinis Collection by Oh Lola Swimwear
Get ready to turn up the heat and unleash your inner party animal.

High Tide Micro Bikini Collection

Prepare to be swept away by an ocean of azure tones, shimmering metallics, and revolutionary designs that redefine beachside chic.

High Tide Micro Bikinis Collection by Oh Lola Swimwear
Embark on a sexy-adventure with, a swimwear journey where serenity meets style.

Cocktail’s Party Collection

We’re mixing sun-kissed sheer fabrics with eye-catching cocktail prints and a touch of wild animal magic, for a cocktail of beachwear that’s guaranteed to turn heads and raise smiles.

Cocktail's Party Micro Bikinis Collection by Oh Lola Swimwear
Paradise Found: Dive into Sheer Cocktails and Wild Wonders

Costiera Collection

Close your eyes and picture yourself on the Amalfi Coast: the sun-drenched cliffs plunging into cerulean waters and the unmistakable murmur of dolce vita echoing on the breeze. This is the inspiration behind our latest micro bikini’s collection, a celebration of Italian elegance and seaside serenity.

Costiera Micro Bikini Collection by Oh Lola Swimwear
Dolce Vita on the Costiera: A Micro Bikini Collection Inspired by Italian Sun and Endless Style!

Fresh Start Collection

This is more than just micro bikinis; it’s an invitation to step into a world of endless possibilities. Let your imagination soar, embrace your unique style, and dive into new sexy adventures.

Fresh Start Micro Bikini Collection by Oh Lola Swimwear
Imagine partying under the sun while you feel the gentle touch of the ocean breeze.

Barbara Collection

Dive into Dazzling Depths: Get ready to make waves with a micro bikini collection that’s as bold and beautiful as the ocean itself.

Barbara Micro Bikinis Collection by Oh Lola Swimwear Banner
Eye-catching solids, and innovative top designs that rewrite the rulebook on beachwear.

Welcome Summer Collection

Welcome Summer Micro Bikini Collection: Where Sequin Sunsets Meet Sheer Secrets. A vibrant variety of breathtaking prints, shimmering sequins, unique crochet yarn details, and ethereal sheer fabrics.

Welcome Summer Micro Bikini Collection by Oh Lola Swimwear_
This isn’t just swimwear; it’s an invitation to paint the shores with your own story.

Let’s Have Fun Micro Bikini Collections

We have the pleasure to present the most vibrant and seductive patterns. Also the most revealing sheers that will make you attract all the looks towards your direction.

Let's Have Fun Micro Bikini Collection by Oh Lola Swimwear
The real fun starts when you start showing off a little bit more skin than usual.

Temptations Micro Bikini Collections

Our Signature Medium Format Mesh Bikinis! Fall into the the Temptation and start showing off more skin with Oh Lola Swimwear and the Hottest Mesh Bikinis.

Temptations micro Bikinis Collection By Oh Lola Swimwear
This Collection is perfect for those who are addicted to turning heads and stealing all the attention.


All Our Micro Bikinis, String Bikinis, Sheer Micro Bikinis and Sexy Swimwear Collections are made with the best imported fabrics from Colombia and Europe therefore we provide only maximum quality and the best comfortable feeling.

In order to achieve greater quality we only count with high-skilled artisans that will manufacture the most desirable Bikinis for you! Remember to FOLLOW AND SUPPORT US ON INSTAGRAM

Since 2019 OH LOLA SWIMWEAR is the leading brand for the most Daring and Provocative Micro Bikinis

Welcome to the daring world of Micro Bikinis and Skimpy Bikinis. Where swimwear meets seduction in the most stylish way possible. Find the ultimate Micro Swimwear trend that’s making waves worldwide. With barely-there designs and unparalleled sexiness. Oh Lola Bikinis have taken the Sexy Bikinis Fashion world by storm.

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We create the most seductive and daring Micro Bikinis, Sheer Bikinis, String Bikinis, Sexy Swimwear to make you feel empowered. Offering the perfect blend of style, confidence, and freedom. Dare to be bare and start showing more skin with OH LOLA SWIMWEAR.

In addition, our ultimate mission it’s to help women feel their best selves and celebrate their own unique beauty. With unique on-trend designs, luxurious fabrics and figure-flattering fits. Finally! OH LOLA SWIMWEAR will have you feeling your absolute best at the beach, by the pool or on vacation.


All our Bikinis and Sheer Bikini Collections are made with the best imported fabrics from Brazil, Colombia and Europe. Our team includes the most capable staff of artisans who combine top stitching techniques plus and outstanding manual labor. Therefore we only deliver top quality swimwear!

Be FREE at last! Feel SEXY ALWAYS and live UNINHIBITED FOREVER! Are you ready for this level of SENSUALITY?

The world of OH LOLA SWIMWEAR revolves around Skimpy Bikinis and those who are UNINHIBITED! The Best Micro Bikinis available online. Our MICRO BIKINIS and SHEER BIKINIS are SMALL, SEXY AND VERY HOT!

Why Wearing Oh Lola Swimwear Micro Bikinis?

Oh Lola Swimwear Micro bikinis are a kind of Bathing Suits that are characterized by its revealing designs. We produce our Swimwear from the best quality, lightweight and breathable fabrics. We use Nylon/Spandex blends and a great variety of Mesh and Micro Mesh fabrics for our Sheer Micro Bikinis. Also our Swimsuits come in great variety of vibrant colors and unique prints. We can assure maximum comfort during long sunbathing days! Check all our Micro Swimwear.

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