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Free Micro Bikini promo for the best summer ever
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New micro bikinis

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All our bikinis and sheer bikinis are made with the best imported fabrics from Brazil, Colombia and Europe. 



Check out our BOTTOMS CHART so you can pick the perfect bottom style for your new bikinis!

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Micro Bikinis and Sheer Bikinis are made from the best materials

OH LOLA SWIMWEAR is the leading brand for the most Daring and Provocative Micro Bikinis

Welcome to the daring world of Sexy Micro Bikini and Skimpy Bikinis. Where swimwear meets seduction in the most stylish way possible. Find the ultimate Micro Swimwear trend that’s making waves worldwide. With barely-there designs and unparalleled sexiness. Oh Lola Bikinis have taken the Sexy Bikinis Fashion world by storm.

Dive into Summer with Oh Lola Swimwear Micro Bikini ✨

Embrace your confidence and flaunt your curves in our collection of sultry micro bikinis!

Oh Lola Swimwear is your one-stop shop for high-quality, fashion-forward micro bikinis designed to make you feel beautiful and empowered all summer long.

The Best Place to Find Micro Bikini Online. Sexy Micro Bikini Shop and Sheer Bikinis Collections

We create the most seductive and daring Micro Bikinis, Sheer Bikinis, String Bikinis, Sexy Swimwear to make you feel empowered. Offering the perfect blend of style, confidence, and freedom. Dare to be bare and start showing more skin with OH LOLA SWIMWEAR.

In addition, our ultimate mission it’s to help women feel their best selves and celebrate their own unique beauty. With unique on-trend designs, luxurious fabrics and figure-flattering fits. Finally! OH LOLA SWIMWEAR will have you feeling your absolute best at the beach, by the pool or on vacation.


All our Sexy Micro Bikini and Sheer Bikini Collections are made with the best imported fabrics from Brazil, Colombia and Europe. Our team includes the most capable staff of artisans who combine top stitching techniques plus and outstanding manual labor. Therefore we only deliver top quality swimwear!

Be FREE at last! Feel SEXY ALWAYS and live UNINHIBITED FOREVER! Are you ready for this level of SENSUALITY?

The world of OH LOLA SWIMWEAR revolves around Skimpy Bikinis and those who are UNINHIBITED! The Best Micro Bikinis available online. Our MICRO BIKINIS and SHEER BIKINIS are SMALL, SEXY AND VERY HOT!

Are you ready to make a splash during your holidays? Get ready to turn heads with the hottest Swimwear trend that’s taking the fashion world by storm – Micro Bikinis. These daring and minimalistic swimsuits are designed to show off your curves and confidence like never before. The days of traditional bikinis are over. It’s time to embrace bolder looks and make a statement at the beach or by the pool.

Our Micro bikinis offer a daring and sexy alternative to conventional (and boring) swimwear. Our styled skimpy bottoms selection and cute tops are perfectly designed to make you stand from the crowd. Oh Lola Bikinis are designed to accentuate your figure and leave little to the imagination. Whether you prefer a Brazilian cut or a thong style, our swimsuits are guaranteed to make you feel like a true beach goddess.

But it’s not just about the eye-catching design – micro bikinis are also functional. Made from high-quality, stretchy fabrics, they allow for easy movement and ensure you stay comfortable all day long. So, get ready to embrace the ultimate swimwear trend. Unleash your inner confidence, and turn heads wherever you go in a micro bikini.

Dive into a Sea of Possibilities: Shop Micro Bikini Collections

Welcome, sun seekers and beach goddesses, to a haven of vibrant colors and daring designs! This is where Oh Lola Swimwear unveils the most breathtaking collections of micro bikinis. Each piece is a testament to our love for sun-kissed confidence and ocean-inspired style.

From our very first spark of inspiration to our latest sun-drenched creations. In this section you’ll find a treasure trove of collections designed to ignite your most seductive inner Oh Lola Babe.

Explore the Evolution of Oh Lola Swimwear Micro Bikini Collections:

  • Early Gems: Witness the birth of our provocative style, where daring silhouettes met playful designs and the micro revolution began.
  • Island Escapes: Embark yourself on a journey through tropical paradises, with collections inspired by coral reefs, lush foliage, and the rhythm of ocean waves.
  • Cosmic Dreams: Dive into cosmic wonder with shimmering metallics, celestial prints, and stardust-laced designs that make every beach day an out-of-this-world experience.
  • Neon Revolution: Brace yourself for the neon explosion! Dive into our collections pulsating with electric colors, Daring Sheer Cuts, and an unapologetically bold presence.
  • Minimalist Muse: Less is more with our sleek and timeless collections. These micro bikinis embrace clean lines, monochrome magic, and effortless sophistication.
  • Unique Sheers: For our most uninhibited Oh Lola Babes! Would you dare to be almost bare to turn heads everywhere? Is the Answer is yes, then you’re at the right place.

Made for Minimal Coverage and create Maximum Impact

  • Show-Stopping Styles: Shop Micro Bikini Collections and Explore a range of trendy, and unique micro bikini cuts. From triangle Tops, a vast selection of Micro bottoms styles to the most complete bottoms designs that you’ll ever find. All pieces are designed to make you look perfect according to your unique style.
  • Luxurious Fabrics: We use only high-quality, quick-drying materials that will hug your body perfectly, and also will provide a soft feeling when these fabrics touch your skin.
  • Unparalleled Tan Lines: Catch some rays and achieve that coveted all-over tan with minimal fabric to obstruct the sunshine.
  • Confidence Boost in Every Stitch: Look and feel your absolute best with a micro bikini that flatters your figure and accentuates your unique beauty.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there!

We’re constantly dreaming up new ways to empower your beach glow, so keep checking back for fresh arrivals and limited-edition drops. Every season is bikini season here at Oh Lola Swimwear!

Ready to find your perfect match? Dive into each Micro Bikini Collection, discover the stories behind the designs, and embrace the Oh Lola spirit of confidence and provocative fun. Each Micro Bikini is a blank canvas for your sun-kissed adventures.

So, slip on your sunscreen, grab your beach towel, and prepare to make Sexy Waves with Oh Lola Swimwear!

Why Wearing Oh Lola Swimwear Micro Bikinis?

Oh Lola Swimwear Micro bikinis are a kind of Bathing Suits that are characterized by its revealing designs. We produce our Swimwear from the best quality, lightweight and breathable fabrics. We use Nylon/Spandex blends and a great variety of Mesh and Micro Mesh fabrics for our Sheer Micro Bikinis. Also our Swimsuits come in great variety of vibrant colors and unique prints. We can assure maximum comfort during long sunbathing days! Check all our Micro Swimwear.

The Best Place to purchase Micro Bikinis online

It is our pleasure to assist you and give you the best customer service available for Micro Bikinis online.

  • Do you need a Custom Size Micro Bikini? We offer custom sizing with no extra cost.
  • Do you need Liners for your New Micro Bikinis? Our Bikinis come with no liners, an extra layer of the best quality Nylon/Spandex Fabric will be added as liners. The Fabric used for liners will be color matched for the suit.
  • Do you have a special moment or event that requires a custom bikini? No problem. Get in touch and let us know what do you have in mind! Perfect for Weddings and Group Holiday’s.
  • Do you want to match your New Micro Bikinis with the most provocative Men’s Thongs? Please visit the Men’s Site and check f the Model you’re looking is available. If it’s not we can match almost every model from the Women’s site!

The most Vast Micro Bikinis Selection Available

  • Unmatched Selection: From vibrant neons to classic colorsbold prints to minimalistic styles, we offer a wide range of micro bikinis to suit every personality and style preference. More than 450 Different Styles Available!
  • Exceptional Quality: We use only premium fabrics that are soft, comfortable, and durable to ensure you look and feel your best all day long.
  • Flattering Fits: Our micro bikinis are designed to accentuate your curves and flatter your figure, regardless of your body type.
  • Confidence Boost: We believe every woman deserves to feel confident and beautiful in her own skin. Our micro bikinis are designed to embrace your body and empower you to express yourself with style.

Browse our collections and discover:

  • Triangle Tops and Tiny bottoms: The classic micro bikini silhouette, perfect for sunbathing and showcasing your curves with maximum confidence.
  • Scrunch, Full Coverage and Across V- Bottoms: Offering a touch more coverage while still maintaining the micro bikini style.
  • Unique one-piece options: Combining the comfort of a one-piece with the revealing nature of a micro bikini. The hottest Sheer One-Piece Swimsuit are ready.
  • Accessories: From sarongs and cover-ups to beach bags and bikini jewelry, we have everything you need to complete your poolside or beachside look.

Don’t wait! Shop our Collections today and get ready to make a splash this summer!

We love sending special presents and gifts to our beloved clients

A Small Gift will come with your purchase. We love surprises and this is why we’ll add something extra with orders of at least one full bikini set. Also, depending on the season and the order amount you get different prizes. This is something that you will only find in our Micro Bikinis online store.

New Arrivals the whole Year! We create at least four Collections per year so you can update your Swimwear wardrobe with the most recent trends. There are many more reasons why people choose to wear Oh Lola Micro Bikinis and Sheer Bikini Collections. Some enjoy being more exposed, others find that our Bathing Suits are more comfortable than other swimwear brands. Our Micro bikinis are for sure a great way to show off your figure and confidence.

The Benefits of wearing Micro Bikinis and Sheer Bikinis by OH LOLA SWIMWEAR

  • Our Skimpy Bikinis, String Micro Bikinis and Sheer Bikinis minimize tan lines. Since Micro Bikinis cover less skin than regular bikinis they minimize the risk of uneven tanning. This makes them perfect for achieving a smooth and natural tan during the summer.
  • Comfortable and airy. Made from lightweight and breathable materials, making them comfortable and airy to wear on hot days. Definitely they also allows freedom of movement, which is great for swimming, sunbathing, or playing water sports.
  • In addition Micro Bikinis, Sheer Micro Bikinis and Mesh Bikinis are great to show off your figure and self confidence. Comfortable in your own skin? wearing micro bikinis and sheer bikinis will be perfect to show off your confidence. Therefore they can be a fun way to express your unique personal style.
  • Important: Versatility. Undoubtedly Micro Bikinis, String Bikinis and Sheer Bikinis can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. You can wear them with a cover-up for a more modest look. Also you can rock them solo for a more daring look.
  • Pick the perfect bottom styles that will adapt perfectly to your body shape and unique style.
  • When you purchase in Oh Lola Swimwear you will always receive more! A small surprise will come with each order.

Here are some additional tips for wearing Micro Bikinis and Skimpy Bikinis:

  • What size should your pick? We suggest to choose the same size that you’re used to wear in other bikini brands. Our Skimpy Bikinis will fit small but are designed to fit your regular size perfectly. This will help to ensure that you feel comfortable in your new Oh Lola Swimwear Bathing Suits and Mesh Bikinis.
  • Consider how much skin you are willing to show. We offer Sheer Micro Bikinis but depending on the fabric the bikinis will be more or less sheer. In addition all our Micro Bikinis comes without liners. This helps to give a sheer look when wet (Liners available for most of our bikinis with no extra cost).
  • If you are not comfortable wearing tiny bikinis in public, you can always wear a cover-up over it. Also you can save the look for someone special while no one is looking!
  • Subsequently the best advice: Escape to a magical place and have the sexy fun that you deserve!

Visit our Blog for the Hottest Micro Bikini Content

In addition for more micro bikini related content please visit our Blog. We are constantly updating our posts page. New Releases, Micro Bikini Models, Bikini Care Tips, Sheer Micro Bikini trends, Best Resorts, The Best Micro Bikini and Mesh Bikinis Deals. To see our latest posts please visit our Blog Section.

Finally! Already a Client? would like us to write a post with your shots while wearing Oh Lola Swimwear. Please write us an email at Please send High Definition shots (minimum 5), your Social Media Accounts and any information that you would like to share. Sending The content doesn’t guarantee that it will be posted.

Why Keeping up with OH LOLA SWIMWEAR Blog Posts?

Stay up-to-date on the latest String Micro Bikinis, New Micro Bikinis Collections, Sheer Micro Bikini and Provocative Swimming Suits Trends. OH LOLA SWIMWEAR Blog posts are a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest micro bikini trends. Features new designs, styles, and colors that you may not have seen elsewhere.

Visit our Blog for the Best Micro Bikinis Content online

Get tips on how to style a Sexy Micro Bikini. Our blog posts can also give you tips on how to style micro bikinis. How to accessorize micro bikinis, how to choose the right swimwear bottoms and how to wear micro bikinis.

Connect with other micro bikini enthusiasts. Micro bikini blogs can also be a great way to connect with other micro bikini enthusiasts.

Learn about the different types of Micro Bikinis and Sheer Micro Bikini online. There are many different types of sexy tiny bikinis available. Our Posts will show you different styles and what to look when choosing Micro Bikinis or a revealing Sheer Bikini.

Find inspiration for your own Sexy Swimwear looks. Our posts can also be a great source of inspiration for your own micro bikini looks. They may feature photos of models wearing micro bikinis in different settings. Get inspired for your own beachwear outfits.

How to take care and clean your Sexy Micro Bikini and Sheer Micro Bikinis Collections? 10 Basics Steps to increase the Life Spam of your Bathing Suits:

Our Swimwear Collections are an extremely beloved treasure. After all, we enjoy the most wonderful moments every single time we decide to put on a sexy micro bikini. In order to increase the Life Spam of your bathing suits please follow these easy steps!

  • Rinse your Micro Bikini and Sheer Mesh Bikinis in fresh water after every use. No matter if you didn’t get wet. Rinse your swimwear to remove particles of sunscreen lotions, sweat, chlorine, salt water and other substances that may cause damage.
  • NEVER soak your Micro Bikini for more than half an hour. Letting your Swimsuits submerged in water for long periods of time will cause weakening in the fibers of the fabric. Doing this often. It will reduce substantially the life spam of your bikinis and that’s exactly what we are trying to avoid.
  • Also don’t let you swimwear drying exposed directly towards the sun. The excess of sun light may cause fading in both soft and strong colors. Light colors can turn yellowish for this reason.
  • Wash your Micro Bikini and Sheer Bikini Collections by hand! The best way is taking your time to wash your swimwear gently. Being delicate when washing them for sure will extend the life spam of your swimwear collection.
  • Remove pads and liners to wash them separately. Before putting them back be sure that both the suit and the liners or pads are completely dried.
  • Do not Tumble Dry your Swimwear or Sheer Bikini. High temperatures may cause weakening in Lycra-Spandex Fabrics. Even more if it’s a Sheer Bikini. This could totally ruin your swimwear so avoid the tumble dry completely.

More important care tips for your Sexy Micro Bikini Collection!

  • Check the surface before sitting down. Rough surfaces may scratch the delicate fibers of the fabrics. This may cause undesirable marks on your swimwear.
  • Do not apply bleach nor fabric softener to your swimwear. This is completely unnecessary and can cause stains and the weakening of the fabric. This may not ruin your bikinis immediately. But by doing this often it certainly will decrease your swimwear’s life spam. The Chemicals contained in most Softeners can be even worse if it’s applied on Mesh Bikinis.
  • Love Jacuzzi’s and Hot Tubs? We love them too but please avoid wearing your favorite Micro Bikini when going into the tub. Exposing your swimwear to heat may cause the weakening of the fabric.
  • Don’t hang your Swimwear on metal rods. This could cause a shape variation that will ruin the fitting and may stain the pieces with rust marks. Rust marks are impossible to wash off, once you get rust stains they will never fade away. Taking care of your Sheer Bikini Collection will extend their life spam and make you look beautiful for years ahead.

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