How to care and clean your Micro Bikinis? Increase the Life Spam of your beautiful Swimwear Collection following these steps!

How to take care and clean your bikinis by OH LOLA SWIMWEAR

How to care and clean your Micro Bikinis | 10 Basics Steps to increase the Life Spam of your Swimwear:

How to care your bikinis by OH LOLA SWIMWEAR
Taking care of your swimwear to make them look always like new

How to care and clean your Bikinis

For some of us our swimwear collections are an extremely beloved treasure. After all we enjoy the most wonderful moments every time we put on a beautiful swimsuit. Let’s follow these easy steps!

  1. Rinse you bikinis in fresh water after every use. No matter if you didn’t get wet. We strongly advice you to rinse your swimwear to remove any particles of sunscreen lotions, sweat, chlorine, salt water and other substances that could stain or cause harm to your swimwear.

Have in mind that sunscreens may contain ingredients that could harm or cause damage to the fabrics when reacting to the sun rays and liquid soaps. Care and clean your Micro Bikinis so you can keep their true colors for years.

2. NEVER soak your bikinis for more than half an hour. Letting your swimsuits fully submerged in water for long periods of time will cause weakening in the fibers of the fabric; doing this often will reduce substantially the life spam of your bikinis.

3. Don’t let you swimwear drying exposed directly towards the sun. The excess of sun light may cause fading in both soft and strong colors, light colors can turn yellowish for this reason. To correctly dry your swimwear just let them hang inside, most Lycra-Spandex fabrics will be completely dried after a few hours.

4. Wash your bikinis by hand! The best way is taking your time to wash your swimwear gently, being delicate when washing them for sure will extend the life spam of your swimwear collection.

5. Remove pads and liners to wash them separately. Before putting them back be sure that both the suit and the liners or pads are completely dried.

How to take care and clean your bikinis by OH LOLA SWIMWEAR
Using soft and gentle soaps will prevent color fading

6. Do not Tumble Dry your Swimwear. High temperatures may cause weakening in Lycra-Spandex Fabrics, this could totally ruin your swimwear so please avoid the tumble dry completely.

7. Check the surface before sitting down. Rough surfaces may scratch the fibers of the fabrics, this will cause undesirable marks that will make your swimwear to look old and cheap.

8. Do not apply bleach nor fabric softener to your swimwear. This is completely unnecessary and can cause stains and the weakening of the fabric. This may not ruin your bikinis immediately but doing it often certainly will decrease your swimwear’s life spam.

9. Love Jacuzzi’s and Hot Tubs? Me too but please avoid wearing your favorite Bikinis when going into the tub. As we said before exposing your swimwear to heat may cause the weakening of the fabric; also may cause color fading in some cases. We strongly recommend to take these hot tub baths wearing nothing.

10. Don’t hang your swimwear on metal rods. This could cause a shape variation that will ruin the fitting and also may stain the pieces with rust marks, these marks are impossible to wash off, once you get rust stains they will never fade away. Care and clean your Micro Bikinis means that you give real value to your swimwear collection.

How to take care and clean your bikinis by OH LOLA SWIMWEAR
How to care and clean your Bikinis

Following these basic steps on How to care and clean your Bikinis will help you to increase the life spam of all your swimwear and other sportswear made with Lycra-Spandex kind of fabric.

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How to take care and clean your Bikinis?